At Afrah Financial, we see past the numbers. Our approach includes customized strategic planning that will guide our clients into the ever-evolving future.

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Entity Formation

This is where it all starts. You have this amazing idea which you would like to turn into a successful business enterprise...

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QuickBooks Set-up & Training

Choosing an accounting software which will match your needs and fit well within your budget can seem like a difficult

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One of the most important foundations of a successful business is a strong bookkeeping and accounting process.

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Payroll Services

Payroll is something that no business owner wants to hear about, but is pretty much a necessity for almost all businesses.

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Tax Planning

Tax planning is where we will advise you on strategic tax planning options which are available to you.For many businesses

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Tax Preparation

During a time where online tax services often advertise the words “file free online” or “File yourself for $29.99”

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